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Architectural Thinking Framework

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  • Capabilities clarify terms and concepts across organisational borders.

  • Capabilities provide a robust skeleton, a framework for assigning all the other elements of enterprise architecture. They are ‘elegant in its simplicity yet powerful in its ability to serve as a focal point for transformations — large and small’ [BIZBOK].

  • Capabilities help to make the business strategy executable. They align technology with the business by providing structure for all assets created from business strategy to IT implementation.

  • Capabilities can be used as the central structure for heat mapping to answer questions such as: ‘Which strategic fields of actions do we see in which capability’; ‘In which capabilities are we planning to invest how much?‘; ‘Which capabilities are supported too little by IT?’

  • EAs apply business capability modelling to better plan IT solutions that meet the needs of their business customers.

  • Cross mapping capabilities with value streams help a business to envision which capabilities are required to enable customer value across a variety of scenarios. Value streams are cross mapped to capabilities, to show how a company orchestrates capabilities in order to create customer value [BIZBOK].

  • Strategic Fields of Action used in strategic planning can be assigned to business capabilities. Thus, capabilities are valuable in order to align projects with the business capabilities -> value streams -> value propositions of the customers.

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  1. There is an interesting research on heat mapping use cases. The authors evaluated 14 use cases on the feasibility and benefit of using business capability maps in practice. Maybe we should add (some of) the use cases here to emphasize the benefits of a business capability map.

    Here are title and link of the study:

    Khosroshahi, Pouya Aleatrati; et al.: "Business Capability Maps: Current Practices and Use Cases for Enterprise Architecture Management." Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2018.

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