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The Architectural Thinking Framework® has the goal to ensure that all the solutions of an organization fit together in order to balance the its dimensions

customer value
– finance
– sustainabilityOutward facing: Customer value-focused, including specific Viewpoints (Capability Vision, Project–including Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution–and Deployment); 
– Inward-facing: HR, Finance, Accounting, including specific Viewpoints (Strategy, Governance, Operations, Data and Information, Infrastructure, and Solution application development); 

– Addresses enterprise life cycle phases (i.e., Establishment, Operations, Mergers, Dissolution); and 
– Sustainable.

in a way that maximizes the overall value from an enterprise-wide viewpoint in the short, medium and the long termterms.

The Architectural Thinking Framework®

  • complies to three Follows three (3) values
  • consists of four Consists of four (4) parts 
  • that can be used on three scopes  Applicable on three (3) levels of architecture abstraction: (i) enterpriseExecutive, (ii) top-level capability Segment and (iii) solution.Solution; and 
  • Qualifies as an architectural framework by complying with IEEE 42010 (i.e., defined views–each within a viewpoint addressing a set of stakeholder concerns–each with a delineated set of ontological types of Things and tuples between those things).  

Architectural Thinking is not a process or discipline. Instead, it makes use of   Here it is a content-oriented framework that defines defining artifacts and their relations that need to be created by various processes (such as strategy, governance or solution development). established by Viewpoints.  The Architectural Thinking Framework® enables consistent, connected, company-wide structures that ensure traceability from business vision to technology implementation. It is lean enough for Agile but works as well with classical project management methods.