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Architectural Thinking Framework

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  • Communicate the value of architectural thinking in a marketing-like way

  • Keep your architecture maps simple and clear

  • Make sure to hire architecture owners that are able to keep equivalence to ‘regular’ team members

  • Find the right speed for decision making. In times of fears of digital disruptors, companies tend to confuse speed with agility and decide too fast, based on insufficiently analyzed informations. But agility does not mean speed. It means maneuverability, finding the right speed to be able to make the next deflection in the right direction.

  • Publish your architecture models and maps in the way that is most natural for the company (e.g. in the company’s Wiki)

  • Provide the autonomous teams with the environment they need: architectural principles that are easy to understand and apply in practice

  • Foster social collaboration functionalities. People must be able to comment on architecture elements/maps easily. They should also be able to make modification suggestions.

  • Plan structured, time-boxed feedback cycles that involves a wide variety of stakeholders

  • Be aware of the fact that transparency is not always welcome. As an architecture owner always try to be the ‘good cop’ and let others make difficult decisions that scares employees defending their own territory (e.g. the application they are responsible for)

  • Let your capability architects work in the same room with the other people of the autonomous team

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