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Architectural Thinking Framework

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  • Leaders of surrounding disciplines dealing with the long term (Vision, Strategy, Business Model, Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture) who want to make transformation work
    • How do we motivate them connect to us.
      • We promise to help them to make progress
      • We need to create short time benefits. Help in the short time!
  • Short time benefits might be easy to communicate to Vision&Strategy&Architecture Disciplines but 


  • Leaders of disciplines related to solution development, innovation
  • People implementing solutions (Agile, Business Analysts, Developers,...) 
    • who feel they produce point solutions and want to see their contribution to a "bigger whole"
  • HOW do we address them?
      • Rebrand "Architecture"
      • Use "Design" - much sexier than architecture
      • Make architecture lean, collaborative, sexy

PRIO later:

  • Business Executives
    • Problem: they are currently not in a long term thinking mode!
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